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About TommyTime-To-Change-Career
Here is a little bit of background as to how I got into the online world.
I started out as a carpenter back in 1985 and then jumped into the role of builder/project manager, around 2001.
I continued in the industry up until the summer of 2015, before finally realising that working such long hours for six or seven days a week, was draining my energy. Plus being away from my family for extended periods of time had removed my desire to continue in this line of work, or at least to the extent of which I had been.
In early 2014 I started to notice the vast amount of business opportunities online, which pointed out the merits of starting your own online business and the freedom that you can have with working from home.
•Would I be able to learn how to work online
•Where could I learn the skills  required
•What information do you need to learn
•Could I still earn an income while learning
I felt as if I had far too many unanswered questions. Plus the fear of stepping into the unknown and leaving my current career behind.
When I first started to think about a change of career, I realised that there are so many reasons not to change career.
For example:
  • Can I retrain at my age
  • Will I succeed in a new career
  • Am I stepping way too far out of my comfort zone.
Holding onto these thoughts, I realised I'd never move forward so decided what the heck, let's give it a try. I'd lost my desire for my building career, but not my desire to succeed!
Back to the present and here I am retraining for a new career while continuing in construction until I'm ready to make the change full time.

Consider This

Is it worse to remain in a miserable job but feel safe! Or step into the unknown and challenge yourself, there may be big surprises in store for you and your family. But only if you challenge yourself and your fears!
Do away with the fear and embrace the change!
I'm here to try and help you make an informed decision, so if you want to leave a comment below or get in contact with me at Wealthy Affiliate.com (here is my profile link).
All the best
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