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Hi my name is Tommy I'm a qualified Carpenter and Joiner with over thirty years experience. In the recent ten years of my working life I've branched out into general building and site management. I have a Beautiful partner these past twenty five years and an even more Beautiful and Wonderful nine year old daughter. I reside in the county of Buckinghamshire and enjoy cycling through the beautiful Chiltern hills countryside at the weekends. I also thoroughly enjoy the many trips that we do as a family to the local parks at the weekend or open air swimming pool in the summertime.

What is the Best Keyword Tool?


by If you're looking for a keyword tool to get started with for Free, one that is evolving and constantly updating to keep with the fast pace of the ever-changing world of the search engine, then I have just the tool for you.   Being able to rank high in the search engines, is one […]

SEO, What Does it Mean?


by by <img style="display: inline;margin:0;padding:0;width:16px;height:16px;" width="16" height="16" alt="feather" src="http://newcareernewlife viagra in” /> Is it a famous rock band that your parents used to listen to when they were young? Or is it an acronym of a secret government agency? SEO, what does it mean?….exactly. If you don’t know your Auto Approval from your EPC […]

How to Succeed at Affiliate Marketing


by   If you are a Newbie to the world of Affiliate Marketing, we first need to get clear what brings about failure before we can learn How to succeed at Affiliate Marketing. Gaining an understanding of what works and what doesn’t is a good starting point.                 […]

Ways to Make Money Fast!…Or Maybe Not!


by by     If you have ever come across a headline like this 'Ways to Make Money Fast' I'm sure that you will agree, it does grab your attention.     Your attention will become a lot more focused if you are having financial problems when you first come across these words. Which is […]

What is Job Security?


by by Spending the best part of your working life in an office, factory, or retail job with the security of redundancy if anything goes wrong. Plus a nice pension when you get to retirement age is what most people would have believed without given a second thought to 'what is job security'? That is […]

What is PrizeRebel? Find Out in This review.


by by PrizeRebel review   Name: PrizeRebel Website: Price: Free to join   PrizeRebel Overview   What is PrizeRebel? Well if you have never heard of this site before, let me explain. Prizerebel is a rewards website where you can earn points for carrying out online activities. Here is a brief list of how […]

Is Web Wealth System a Scam?


by by   Web Wealth System Review   What is the Web Wealth System? Please keep reading and I will fill you in on how the Web Wealth system works, what's included, how much it will cost you and more importantly, is Web Wealth System a Scam?         Name: Web Wealth System […]

Greenwood Formula Review


by by Name: Greenwood Formula Website: Price: Free to sign up Owners: Unknown     Greenwood Formula Overview Greenwood Formula is a so called binary options trading system, which claims in its video sales page to be able to  make you $100,000 in 30 days or the video sales page presenter (actor) will pay you $10,000 for […]

Success in Life, How Can we Achieve it?

by Trying to establish the time in my life when I had actually made a conscious note that I simply had never set out a designated life path to follow,  was a couple of years ago when my building team and I were working on a project in West London. We were working for a couple that I can […]

What is Affilorama?


by by Name: Affilorama Website Price: $0 basic membership $1 for a thirty day trial of the premium membership $67 monthly $497 for a three year membership + upsells $97-$997 Owner: Mark Ling     What is Affilorama? Affiliorama is an affiliate marketing program that teaches you all the necessary steps to build your […]