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What Are The Benefits Of Working At Home?


There are multiple benefits of working at home (online), they not only include benefits to the individual that wants to make the change from working within a warehouse, an office, on the motorway, or whatever their present job might be, but also to their family. Here I’m going to reveal to you the benefits that sometimes get overlooked, these will help you to reach a more informed decision if this is a career path that you are considering.


A Healthier Life

Now to some this might be an obvious benefit and to others not so clear, so let me please explain.

When it comes to working hard, long hours or a job you just don’t like, this can cause stress and stress can be a major factor in the downturn of a persons health. Doctors have highlighted for many years now, the impact on a persons body and blood pressure by high levels of stress and when we get into a completely stressed out state our health is impacted quite severely!High-Blood-Pressure-Stress-Related

Being able to reduce the amount of stress that our bodies experience, can Benefit us in quite remarkable ways, which is why working at home removes so many of the factors that contribute to stress, for example:

  • No office politics to get involved in
  • Travelling by car- traffic jams, road rage, exhaust fumes
  • By bus- standing room only, broken down
  • By train- crowded carriages, late service
  • Slept in
  • Missing breakfast
  • Bad weather

I’m sure you get the point. By removing some of these factors or in fact all them you would feel a huge weight removed from your shoulders and in doing this you would be able to function and think clearer.

Now I am not saying that work will become totally stress free, as we always have deadlines to maintain. What I am saying is that you will remove many of the stress factors and therefore when work is busy you will be able to handle that aspect of stress lot better. You will also contribute in a positive way to the environment.



The Effect On The Environment

I’m sure everyone will be in agreement with me on the detrimental effects to the environment of motoring and many of the modes of transport that are used to shuttle us to and from work.

Not only are the effects recognised by our own bodies but also nature is affected as well. This can be found in the ever increasing amount of roads required, to carry the ever increasing number of motor vehicles, to keep up with the ever increasing population. Therefore the countryside that we often take for granted is slowly being eroded away.

What if we didn’t have to drive to work, or catch the bus, or jump on the train?…..



Saving On Expenses


Removing the need to travel to work has quite a few advantages, none more attention grabbing than the saving on personal expenses.

Have you ever realised when you have good intentions to make yourself a healthy packed lunch for work with the idea of saving up on all the money spent on lunches and coffee’s and then find yourself late for work….’Oh No! i’ll be late if I make them now, will have to do them tomorrow’. Then tomorrow becomes the next day and then the next and so on.

Then your good intention of a healthier diet and the money that you were going to save for your holiday is spent and your back where you started and all that extra food that you brought for those healthy lunches that you had in mind, end up getting wasted!… and you’ve actually spent more money on the weekly shop!

With working at home you can enjoy your lunch just as you like it (as you will be the one preparing it) and there’s the added bonus of the saving that you will make, from eating out of your own kitchen.



This is quite an obvious benefit of working from home, although the more obvious things are to us, the less we seem to notice them. Why?… I’m not sure, maybe simplicity just seems to allude us.

Owning a car or van or whatever your motorised mode of transport is can be expensive to run.

Now i’m not saying give them up completely, as we all need to visit relatives from time to time, there is the school run to think about, shopping to collect, etc.

What I am saying is that you can significantly reduce the cost of petrol/diesel/gasoline and this can have a big difference on one of your larger expenses per month.

There is also the reduction of time spent travelling to and from work which can be invested in building out your website/business, valuable time with the family, exercising and keeping in shape and taking the kids to school.



When it comes to clothes, it can be a real battle in the discount stores, to try and find quality clothes that will last you long enough, for you to be able to save up, or pay of the outstanding debt on a credit card before you have to make another purchase.

Depending on what your current line of work is at the moment depends on how long you will require these clothes to last for. If your current job involves manual labour then there is an increased possibility that your clothes can become torn or damaged. If you work in an office environment, then there is the possibility that you have to get your clothes dry cleaned and even though they last longer, you have a higher cleaning cost…..However if your working from home and saving money on lunches and travel expenses, you will have enough money to spoil yourself with new outfits, probably on a regular basis.



Learning in your own time

Now this is a benefit that was a huge attraction for me. I am still working in the construction industry and there were many times and still are where I literally have no time or energy when I arrive home late to get involved in any of the video training, community interaction, or just generally building out my website. So to be able to do this in my own time was a massive plus.

When most people start out on a new venture, they can become easily downhearted and lose the desire to continue if they feel as if they are falling behind with a learning programme and under pressure to keep up.

When you start anything new like Wealthy Affiliate you will not go from your old job, or stop your part time job and be making money in a week or two, No…. You will have to work at it and get it to a level where it starts to make you money and this involves learning and taking action on all the lessons and tasks, this will take time.

This is why whenever you don’t have the time to learn,  it doesn’t matter and you can invest a bit of extra time when it becomes available. Flexibility of this kind helps to keep you going when your life gets a little bit busy.

When you do have spare time though invest it wisely in yourself, by learning a new business (this will become your new career) and not on endless hours of reality TV and soap operas.


I hope this has helped give you a better understanding of how working from home with a new career can be so beneficial.

All the best










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