Building a Website

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How Can I Build a Website?…

When it comes to building a website (whether it’s your first time or not) can seem a daunting task. Believe me I know, How-Do-You-Build-A-Websiteespecially when I found myself sitting in front of the computer screen scratching my head and asking myself ‘how can I build a website’?

I would have been quite justified with that way of thinking a few years ago as I would  have needed a degree in computer science or at least an excellent understanding of computer programming, to of stood any chance at all of building my own website.

Fast forward to the present and this has now been made a whole lot easier with the development of website platforms like the most popular used WordPress platform, which does literally everything for you.

Along with a website platform and a few additional features you will be up and at them before you know it.



What Features do I Need to Understand?

When it comes to building a website, there are a few features that your website will need to set you aside from the rest of the crowd, giving you the edge to get noticed.

  • First of all you will need to give your site a sleek professional design, this is something that your visitors will want to see (and can be done using WordPress)
  • Navigation must be easy for all who visit your site
  • It will require quick loading speed, keeping your visitors engaged
  • It will need to use a Content Management System (WordPress)
  • Must contain quality content/information for your visitors


Of course when it comes to building a website it always makes more sense to let you build one for yourself to comprehend fully how easy it is, rather than have me explaining the simplicity of it.

If you would like to have a go at how easy it actually is to build a website, then why not take the opportunity to build one for FREE right now!…



What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System, which means that it is a  fully customizable, fully featured, creation platform for websites.

Organisations, businesses and literally millions of people worldwide, use it just like you and me, and  today it has grown into the huge CMS (content management system) that it is now, taking all the hard work out of website creation.



Why Use WordPress

In a word Simplicity, when it comes to trying out something new and I think I speak for the majority of us, we like to get to grips with how things work at the beginning and then gradually increase the difficulty setting as we go (not that WordPress gets more difficult to use).

It also has 1000’s of themes for your site to choose from, along with 1000’s of bolt-on’s to help  increase the performance and ease of use for your site.

Having built this actual website on a WordPress platform from my complete beginner level, you then get to understand the simplicity of how it all comes together.

Why not take this opportunity to follow the steps in this video from Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate to quickly learn how easy it is to build a FREE website.




If there was anything here that you didn’t quite understand please leave a comment below.


All the best






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