Greenwood Formula Review

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Name: Greenwood FormulaGreenwood-Presenter


Price: Free to sign up

Owners: Unknown



Greenwood Formula Overview

Greenwood Formula is a so called binary options trading system, which claims in its video sales page to be able to  make you $100,000 in 30 days or the video sales page presenter (actor) will pay you $10,000 for just trying the system out!….Not bad eh!

I came across this binary options system through a SMS text message on my phone, when I clicked the link I was taken to the video sales page where I was informed that just by landing on this secret Invitation only video sales page I was guaranteed to make $10,000. Only the  thing was that I didn't land on the sales page by looking for a money making product, I was text messaged by this company.

There was all the usual nonsense that you would expect from one of these so called legitimate online money making schemes. There was the eye candy girlfriend that every guy gets when he's making these huge sums of money, month after month. You also had the fake reviews from actors that can be hired from some different sites, to make up the false amounts that they are earning (quite an unethical practice of the actors in my opinion) I even recognised one of them from another scam product where he also acted poorly!!

The presenter then jumps into his Rolls Royce along with girlfriend, to travel back down the mountain from the ski resort where they have just been enjoying another of their many holidays. To his Chalet where he will divulge the Secret to making these vast sums!…..Which he doesn't explain!




The Pro's V Con's


  • Very easy to deposit your $250 minimum trading funds



  • Promise of riches in a very short space of time and for a relatively small amount of investment sets alarm bells ringing: $250 can become $100,000 in 3 months
  • The too good to be true formula is very apparent
  • Who will pay you this $10,000 if it doesn't work out
  • There is no binary option trading system around in the world that can guarantee these earnings on a $250 starter fund
  • Once signed up you can only make payment by credit card (no Paypal, Skrill or wire transfer)
  • Only one trading broker that you can trade through once signed up
  • Recommended trading broker is unlicensed
  • Trading broker is unregulated
  • No demo account available

I could go on with the Con's however I feel you know where I'm heading with this review and if you would like to know a legitimate way to make money online please check out my #1 program here.




Greenwood formula Tools and Training


<img alt="Greenwood-formula" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-606" height="655" src="" width="1357" srcset=" generic viagra in usa.png 1357w,×145.png 300w,×494.png 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1357px) 100vw, 1357px” />


Here inside my account of the Greenwood Formula system,  you can see everything that is available to you regarding training and tools, which is not very much!

You can also see where I have clicked on one of their FAQ's which was. Do I need to have previous experience with binary options trading in order to use Green Wood Formula? To which you can clearly see the answer which they point out at the end of their answer that they have managed to select the better and most reliable brokers, so you will never have to experience any delays or bad experiences.

Well as you can see at the top of the dashboard within Greenwood Formula there is only one broker and when I'veAAOptios-Trading researched this broker which happens to be AAOptions binary option broker that are owned by Pacific Sunrise LTD they are an unlicensed and unregulated broker which does cause me great concern.

With unlicensed and unregulated brokers you can have many problems arise primarily and quite obviously, you lose your money and have no way of getting back.

You pass on your credit card details to this broker for the trading deposit and find out only a few days later that they have billed you twice for the initial trading deposit, then when it's lost your $500 down and no chance of recouping your loss!





Very little to say here regarding support, I clicked onto the link only to be taken nowhere so copied and pasted into browser and was taken to Greenwood formula reviews. Need I say more!



If you need unlimited support with a program to help you build out an online business then look no further.

WA-Stop Struggling



Final Opinion

Alarm bells are ringing and it has all the hallmarks of a Scam. Avoid this product like the plague, as like the plague you could end up feeling rather poorly from it!!Thumbs-Down


I hope this review has helped you avoid a rather unpleasant experience and if you have had any dealings with Greenwood Formula please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.



All the best



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2 Responsesso far.

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Tommy
    this is a very insightful and indepth review. it is so helpful to get honest feedback on what are not legitimate as you point out.
    Thanks for helping to keep us informed

    • Tommy says:

      Your very welcome Debbie, there can be so much misinformation out there that it can be difficult to differentiate between the good and the bad.

      I try and provide as honest an opinion as possible and if I don’t have all the facts then I research the missing information to provide clarity.

      All the very best

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