How to Succeed at Affiliate Marketing

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If you are a Newbie to the world of Affiliate Marketing, we first need to get clear what brings about failure before we can learn How to succeed at Affiliate Marketing. Gaining an understanding of what works and what doesn’t is a good starting point.

Why do People Fail

One of the key reasons that most will stumble and crash out of learning affiliate marketing is their Expectation.
I’m sure that most folks have read online, how some complete novice has managed to earn an income of $35,789 in just their first week of starting a new program. But, do we honestly believe them?
Is this not just misleading hype that the Guru’s use to suck you into their most recent program, with the promise of riches in no time at all.
Another of these false claims is the time you need to set aside each week to achieve said riches. That time tends to be somewhere between one or two hours per/week….Really!
Thinking of money and how much you can acquire in the shortest time possible, is another thought you need to remove from the forefront of your mind.
Service… Yes, service is what you should focus on and how you can provide it to your visitors. Build on this crucial aspect of your business and the money you earn will be the by-product of the quality information or products that you provide.

Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Avoiding the pitfalls will ensure a smoother ride along the road to success. So a preparation list before diving into a training course will help.
Work out how much time you can honestly put into learning per week. You may find that you will have to give up one or two of your favourite TV programmes.
  1.   Create a well organised to do list and try to stick to it.
  2.   Remember not to be expecting too much when you first start out, slow and steady wins the race.
  3.   Make clear to yourself why you want to learn and what you can hope to achieve.
  4.   You don’t have to know everything you’re just starting out.
  5.   You will make mistakes but, that is why you are learning, except them as part of the process.

Remaining focused on your daily goals is one of the ways that you can help to propel yourself along and keep your attention where it needs to be, which is acquiring the knowledge you need to become successful.


SOS or Should I Say, ‘Shinny Object Syndrome’.

One thing that will always come up on your journey to a better life and one that will always catch you out if you let it is, Shinny Object Syndrome.
Have you ever been sat at your desk whether at work or home while trying to do an especially important job? Only to become distracted by a butterfly flying past the window, or the mail dropping through your front door, or maybe an email binging on your phone fooling you into thinking that it is far more important to check the phone, instead of  whatever you are doing at that particular moment no matter how important?
Without any hesitation, up you get to go and investigate. Where was that butterfly heading? (a flower maybe, just a wild guess). How about the mail, there may be a cheque in the post for a million $ (more than likely a bill). Or what about that important email (just another Guru promising you wealth).
Do you get my point, not only are we very easily distracted in our day-to-day lives but, we can become distracted from our goals especially when things are not going the way we would want!
We then blame the training program that we are trying to learn from, as well as our family and friends for not giving us the support we think they should. Then of we go in search of a new program or the next Shinny Object.
Distraction and lack of Persistence are two of the root causes of us failing in whatever we pursue. So find the right place to get started and stick to your regimented schedule, avoid the distractions.
When you set a particular time frame to carry out what you are learning or working on, let us say one and a half hours. Turn off any distraction like your phone or TV and get to work. When that time is up, then stop what you are doing and get up from your desk and have a stretch and a cup of Tea or coffee giving yourself a break for fifteen minutes, before continuing.

 Need Some Help Getting Started?

Taking your first step can be a little intimidating and can cause all sorts of thoughts to go racing through your mind. That is why I would like to offer you some guidance before you make that step.How-To-Get-Started-At-Affiliate-Marketing

As I have pointed out already, there are a lot of so called Guru’s in the online world that would love nothing more than to have you sign up to their latest program, relieving you of your hard earned cash, with their outlandish claims and no financial return for your efforts!
When I first decided to join a training program, I was more than confused as to which one to join and would I see a return on my investment?
After trying one out and not getting anywhere with them, decided that maybe I wasn’t cut out for this line of business and besides I didn’t want to throw my money away.
However, I kept searching and found a program that looked very promising. One that would take a complete beginner like me and explain in simple terms what it was all about.
The best part was that it was Free to sign up and to check out what they were offering, before spending a single penny.
Unlike the other program which had a sign-up fee before allowing me to take a look inside, then when you got inside the program you walked straight into the upsells, which you are required to purchase to progress through the course.
When you are first starting out, you need to keep in mind that this is a business, and you will need to put in the effort to get it established.

First Day of School

Once you enter the classroom, your first feeling is one that is overwhelming, how much information do I need to take in?
  • I don’t understand any of the information laid out before me
  • How long will this take to learn
  • I have never done anything like this before
  • How many hours do I need to spend on this per day


These were my exact thoughts when I first started.

Until a few days later when you have received greetings from several members of the community who point out that no question ever remains unanswered, and help is always at hand.

From that point, I started to relax and explore what was on offer. What I found was information which is laid out in bite-sized chunks, small enough for anyone to ingest.
  • The courses inside the program are broken down into manageable lessons
  • You don’t have to work things out all on your own; there is plenty of help

Does this sound like the sort of place you could learn in, building up your knowledge and business?


 Being a Part of a Successful Community

Having the help of a community 24/7 will not only assist you whenever you hit a roadblock, but it will encourage you in trying times, guiding you consistently in the right direction. This is the reason why I point out that you shouldn’t go it alone.
Following in the footsteps of the successful takes you to your destination a lot sooner than you could hope to achieve by yourself. So be wise and listen to the experts they will help reduce the size of the learning curve for you.
Would you like to start off best foot forward and gradually take the steps required to succeed?
Are you interested in learning more and would like to live your life on your terms?
Take a peek at my #1 recommendation

I would love to hear of your interest in Affiliate Marketing, so please leave a comment below.
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4 Responsesso far.

  1. Rick E. says:

    Hi Tommy, great post on how to succeed at Affiliate Marketing. I particularly liked your discussion about “Shiny Object Syndrome”. This is a hard one to avoid when you are starting out as it is an exciting time and there always seem to be other “amazing” offers and programs out there to distract us. It took me some time to get over SOS and focus in on one program that blows all the others out of the water, Wealthy Affiliate. It was free to join and I have not looked back since joining!

    • Tommy says:

      Hi Rick, thank you for your comment. Distractions are one of the ‘Big’ problems in getting ahead in life, they act as a barrier preventing us from not just knowing ‘how to succeed at affiliate marketing’, but, also from any other goal that we set for ourselves. Having a place to learn and communicate with like minded people trying to achieve a similar goal, is perfect in many ways, they help to push you through the distraction and on toward your goal.

      I agree totally with your choice of Wealthy affiliate, this is where I also continually learn and push myself further in the direction of my dreams.
      Just an update Rick, it’s still Free to join.


      All the best


  2. Vasiliy says:

    Hi Tommy. This is a great post. I really liked it. I have been scammed many times as I fell for many guru programs. I think it took some time to realize there are no shortcuts to making money online.
    This article really helps to realize that there is no quick money but there is the right way to do it.

    • Tommy says:

      Hi Vasiliy, thanks very much for the comment. Learning and then knowing how to succeed at affiliate marketing unfortunately for most, involves being scammed once or twice in their lives before realising that the path to success involves work, effort and doesn’t come overnight. Which is the main reason behind informing as many folks as possible, of the pitfalls and a place where they can learn just like I did. If you want to build a business that will last, then Wealthy Affiliate is my number 1 choice. Gain knowledge, Learn how to be of service and then you will make the money you desire.

      All the best



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