Is Web Wealth System a Scam?

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Web Wealth System Review

What is the Web Wealth System? Please keep reading and I will fill you in on how the Web Wealth system works, what's included, how much it will cost you and more importantly, is Web Wealth System a Scam?
Name: Web Wealth SystemTerry-Duff
Owner: Terry Duff
Cost: $27 + upsells



What Can You Expect?




Now before you go stampeding off to join up with this program, let me explain a few things first to help you with the decision process and secondly what programs would I recommend.
These types of attention-grabbing headlines are more often than not, exactly that!! Without too much to back them up.
Terry describes the Web Wealth system, merely as a plug in and play system, once plugged in you can start making money from it.
Everything that you require has already been provided for you, email swipes, banners, lead capture pages and sales letters. Just copy, paste and away you go, without any messing about.

What are you Promoting?


None other than the Web Wealth System, the exact product that you purchased. You are given your own unique personal link which you will then copy and paste anywhere.

Is This A Bad Thing?…. Not necessarily, if you don't have a product of your own, or you are just starting out then, it would seem like a great business model to get you started.

Pros V Cons



•100% commission on front end products
•Done for you email swipes, sales pages, etc



•Not exactly understood what your buying into
•You will only be promoting WWS (the same product you purchased)
•You will need to buy products for resale to your referrals
•Back-end products aren't worth $1,000s
•You are just building a bigger email list for Terry Duff
•The only person getting wealthy from this is Terry Duff
•The only focus of WWS is promoting WWS




Who Will Benefit From This Product?


The primary beneficiary of a program like this is Terry Duff himself. He will increase his email list by getting people with a get rich quick mentality to provide him with additional people to his list and sales of his product.



Is MLM (Multi Level Marketing) a good business model?

In my opinion, NO….it involves you building out your sales team, known as your downline to which you promote the products that you have purchased from your upline. Just think Pyramid!Multi-Level-marketing
 In MLM you tend to start with selling to friends and family that feel they need to help you out but, don't need the product. I would not recommend this way to build a business as you need to provide excellent quality service and products that help folks with a problem. Then the riches become the bi-product of all your hard work.

 Understanding How The System Works


Getting it clear in your mind is what I will try to achieve here today.

Sometimes when we buy into a program or system, it can be done all too often without carry out due diligence on what exactly it is we are buying, based on our current 'lack of' financial situation. This way of thinking plays right into the hands of whoever is promoting the product.
When funds are low, and we are finding it hard to get by, we sometimes make rash decisions based upon the lure of Riches and getting out of that unpleasant situation.
Your uninformed decision can have the opposite effect by dropping you deeper into the problem you were trying to avoid, namely financial. Therefore research and due diligence are essential.


How Does it Work


By buying into WWS, you will have access to their training tools and additional products. For the reasonable fee of $27 you have access to quite a lot of product.

Now that you have bought into the system you can then start to promote the front end products ranging in cost from $9.97 – $97 of which you will earn 100% commissions.
The back end, big ticket products are then promoted to your list by WWS's Certified Business Advisors, you will then earn a commission from them which will skyrocket you into the stratosphere of earning potential, as the sales page would have you believe.
The reality is this; you will not only be promoting WWS to your downline or referrals. But you are now a customer to your upline, and you will then be called by Terry's Certified Business Advisors who will be trying to sell you the big ticket products, that you will have to buy and then promote to your referrals, to make those advertised significant earnings.
You buy in and then enter their sales funnel from which you more than likely will be bombarded by your upline to buy products to sell to your downline.

Clarity Creates Uneasiness

When it all becomes clear, and the dust has settled as to what you are getting into, you then realise your requirement, to push these products downline. If you don't, then you can kiss goodbye to the big earnings.
You are all working to support the person at the top of the pyramid.


Web Wealth System Tools and Training



 Once you have bought into the system, you will then receive training aimed solely at promoting WWS. Although this may seem like appropriate training for this particular business model, you will also find that it won't help you in other areas of different marketing strategies and techniques.


The tools to help you within this program are the 'made for you type', which I have already highlighted within this review, they are designed for promoting WWS.


On researching the support at WWS, I have found that because you are receiving a done for you system, support is quite slow and not readily available.
Not such a good idea for a beginner, because no matter how much information you think that you have provided there will always be a need for some hand holding in certain cases.
Finding a program that will provide you with 24/7/365 support within a huge community can be tough to find. However, I might just have the place for you! (Click here)



My Final Opinion

As we can now see Terry Duff's system is an MLM system that has his downline (which is everyone that has brought into the system) selling all of the WWS products as well as generating a huge mailing list for Terry to promote future products too.

The Web Wealth System Price

Name: Web Wealth System
Owner: Terry Webb
Price: $27 to join
Front End Upsells: 9 in total from $9.97 – $97
Back End Sales: In the $1,000's

Verdict of Web Wealth System

Very borderline between a scam and legit. What keeps it on the legal side, is the fact that it declares through its disclaimers that you can be contacted through the number you provide to them.
Also their money back guarantee is only for their enrolment fee of $27 and they have a disclaimer of their front end products as to whether these might contain viruses or not.
With that in mind, they are letting you know everything however with that knowledge I would give this product a miss!
<img alt="Legit-Scam-Scales" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-640" height="296" src="×296 sites.png” width=”300″ srcset=”×296.png 300w,×1010.png 1024w, 1280w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />
I hope this has provided you with the information to make a correct decision as to whether or not to sign up to this program.
If you have any questions that you would like to ask or if you have a comment to make regarding this product, then please feel free to leave a comment below.
All the best
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