Part Time

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Part Time From Home



Whenever I used to think of a part time job, or part time work, it was without the realization of the lives that people live and the diversity of their personal situations.

Many years later and many more years wiser, I now understand that there are many reasons as to why they require Part Time work. Here’s a few reasons-


  • Bored senseless with my current job but still need to pay the bills
  • Would love to pursue my passion but not sure if it will work out
  • Wouldn’t it be great to set up my own business
  • Could I supplement my meagre earnings
  • Just imagine being able to earn while you learn
  • What wouldn’t I give to be able to write that book I’ve longed to
  • I’ve got young children, where would I get a job that would allow the freedom to help provide more for them
  • I’m not sure how I will get by on my state pension, how could I subsidise it

I could go on however, i’m sure you’ve got the point.


One of the biggest problems we face is that many of us seem to put barriers up, as to why we can’t have the things we want in life and when we finally realise that with a bit of effort, a clear goal in mind, training, coaching, tools and support, then most things are achievable.

This is where Wealthy affiliate can more than help, by getting you started on the path to an at home, part time job, which you could  take further if you desire into a full time career/business.


Why Do We Just Dream of Making a Better Life, But Do Nothing to Achieve it?

After asking this question on many separate occasions to family and friends I’ve made the discovery that there is not just one reason but several.

  • Stepping out of our comfort zones (familiarity no matter how uncomfortable it is, just feels safe and therefore is comfortable)
  • It takes a lot of effort to set up an online business
  • I just don’t have the spare time to invest in my future
  • Do you know how tiring it is having young children
  • It would feel as if i’m going back to school again
  • I don’t have any knowledge whatsoever of online business
  • I’d feel stupid if I got things wrong


Now all of these excuses I would have used myself a few years back when I just refused to change the way I thought. However, today my mind has changed into a more positive one and It’s mainly down to the fact that I would sooner work hard at something for a year or so then sit and wallow in my own self pity expecting Riches to fall into my lap.

We are All Master’s of our own destinies, if we only just realised that fact

Let us just go through the above list of excuses and see if they resonate with you!

1) Stepping out of your comfort zone

I used to constantly complain about how ‘Lucky’ some people I know are, they always seemed to be doing so well in their life’s, using what appeared to me as very little effort.
When I finally decided to ask these individuals how they always done so well in life and always seemed to be on holiday, their answers we’re quit eye opening.
One particular friend who produces music for adverts and TV show themes, pointed out how life wasn’t always a bed of roses and he had to put in Three hard years of work before he would see a single pound note in his bank account. He had to set it all up first but still receives the benefits of his first piece of work up to this very day.

2) It takes a lot of effort to set up an online business

Well I would have to agree in part to this reason. It does take time and effort, I know that for a fact as I had to build out my website whilst working at a full time job. There was also the full house refurbishment of my home which I was contending with, plus fitting in family life. However, if your in part time employment, then you will find that by setting up a work rota for yourself, you will be able to carry on with your job and still have plenty of time to build out your website/business.


3) I just don’t have the spare time to invest in my futureCouch-Potato-TV-Shows

I always feel that this reason is a real copout! Why?… Well for one reason if you think that watching your favourite soaps and programmes every evening for 2-3 hours is well invested time, then I’ve got news for you! Even if you just halved the amount of time in front of the TV per night for one week you will have invested 1 full day in setting up your own business and believe me when I say, as soon as you realise how well things are going and you start to make some money, the TV will be on ‘stand by mode’.


4) Do you know how tiring it is having young children?

I do, because I have a daughter who was a very early riser only a couple of years ago!  This can be a terrible drain on your energy levels and will need some planning, you will need to schedule your times spent working on building out your business, to correspond with the times when your children may be in bed in the evening or in the morning, or when they have gone to school or nursery.

5) Just imagine being able to learn while you earn

Having the ability to earn money whilst learning the systems and techniques required to do so, is such a key component of Wealthy Affiliate. It is through all the teachings and the learning that you acquire the ability to earn even more money by becoming greater skilled and understanding how it all works.


6) It would feel as if I am going back to school again

Yes it does feel a little like learning at school to start with and for someone like myself that hasn’t had to write anything longer than an email since leaving college some 30 years ago. I’ve found it really rewarding and beneficial to me, in it has helped to expand my knowledge with writing and my understanding of new words.


7) I don’t have any knowledge whatsoever of online business

That is the sheer beauty of Wealthy Affiliate, it is the perfect platform from which to learn all about the whole online world and all the different ways in which you can make money from it. It is a literal hold your hand and walk you through system that covers every aspect of an online business.

8) I’d feel stupid if I got things wrong

This is a reason that I have to deal with as well, or should I say a fear that I’ve had to deal with. This kind of fear just stops you literally in your tracks and refuses to let you progress further until you accept the fact that through your mistakes it is how you grow as an individual.


When I first started at Wealthy Affiliate I was very apprehensive to ask for any advice on how to do certain things, that was until I noticed the more experienced members of the community asking question after question to help them get the answers that they required, in order for them to complete whatever they were having difficulty with. (If you don’t ask you don’t get).


It’s not easy to work at any job and then to spend your spare time learning about a new career. It can get tiring with the additional work load, so you need to keep the goal in mind at all times especially when the going gets tough and you’re feeling tired.


Fitting The Training In Around My Job

This is something that will be different for everyone, so it will require the individual to set up a system for when they will work at the training and how it will impact upon their life. Remember that it is not something that is set in stone and can be as flexible as is required.

Try not to set unrealistic timeframes for completing certain aspects of the course, take it from me as this was something that I did at the beginning and it wasn’t to long before I felt a little overwhelmed.

This is something that I now enjoy and want for you to enjoy, so go at your own speed and don’t let how fast or slow other members of the community are progressing distract you, keep focused …..It isn’t a race.



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