SEO, What Does it Mean?

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Is it a famous rock band that your parents used to listen to when they were young?What-Is-The-Definition-Of-SEO Or is it an acronym of a secret government agency?
SEO, what does it mean?….exactly.
If you don’t know your Auto Approval from your EPC then maybe I can help you gain an understanding of the affiliate marketing terms that are commonly used.
If you are starting out as an affiliate marketer, having a glossary of the terms, frequently used at your disposal. Might prove useful in helping you achieve a greater understanding. Plus act as a reference should you forget in the future.

Glossary of Jargon


Above the Fold
The visible section of a web page before scrolling down.
The Advertiser is the company who’s products or services the affiliate promotes. Often referred to as the Merchant.
An affiliate is a salesperson that promotes products/services for a merchant. The merchant then compensates them for the sales or referrals that they generate.
Affiliate Network
Is a third party that acts as the intermediary between the affiliate and the merchant. The network manages the program between the affiliates and the merchant, ensuring payment for all sales and referrals.
Affiliate Program
An arrangement where a merchant pays an affiliate to send them traffic. Depending on the agreement between the two parties, payment can be for referral, sign-ups or sales.
Affiliate Tracking
Is an individual tracking ID issued to the affiliate and used to track all sales and referrals to the merchant.
Banner Ad
An advertisement that when embedded into a websites page attracts traffic. Once the ad has received a click, a link within the ad takes the viewer from that particular website to the advertiser’s website. (An example of a banner ad below)
A term used for the return, or incomplete sale of a product or service to a merchant. If the affiliate has already received the commission on the sale, then this will need to be deducted.
CTR-Click Through Rate
The act of a person clicking on one of your banner ads or links that will take them through to the merchant’s website.
A stealth technique that is used to mask certain information on a website, so when the search engine spiders come to crawl the page they will see different information to that of a human who is viewing the page.
A predefined fee whether it is for pay-per-click, pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale. The merchant pays the affiliate for the particular action carried out.
The process of getting a visitor to a website to take a specific action, which could be filling out a form with personal details or purchasing a product or service.
Conversion Rate
A way of gauging the number of times that your unique affiliate link has converted into a sale, compared with the number of views the link has received. If your link received 100 views from which, you made 10 sales. You would have a conversion rate of 10 percent.
CPA- Cost Per Action
A reference to an amount of money paid for the desired outcome. For example, a visitor signs up for a newsletter or makes a purchase.
CPC- Cost Per Click
Also referred to as Pay-per-click, is the sum of money
CPM- Cost Per Mille
The Latin for Mille is thousand. Therefore, CPM stands for Cost-per-thousand. or the cost of displaying an ad per 1000 impressions. If you wanted to purchase advertisement for your website and the CPM was $10 and you wanted the ad to show up 5,000 times then the total cost for running the ad would be 5,000/1,000=5 x $10= $50.
A notice or page on your website informing all visitors that you are receiving commissions for all products or services that you review or recommend on your site. This is based on guidelines set back in 2009 by the FTC.
EPC- Earnings Per Click
This refers to the amount of money that you earn every time your affiliate link receives a click. To calculate the average sum of money per click on one of your links, you will need to take the total cost of sales earned from that link lets say $1000. Then divide the number of sales by the number of times that the link was clicked, let us say 10,000. Therefore 1,000/10,000 = 0.1 your average earned per click was 10 cents.
This a measurement of how many times an ad is shown on a web page. Every time that the ad is shown will equal one impression.
JV- Joint Venture
A Joint Venture is a business arrangement between two or more parties to combine their resources to achieve a specific goal. All the risks and profits are shared between the paties involved.
The merchant is the company that the produces the products and services an affiliate promotes.
Within marketing, a niche can be defined as something that is created to help assist the needs of a particular group of people.
If you have a passion, expert skills and knowledge in furniture making. Then you could offer assistance through information and diagrams to people that would like to build their own furniture.
You could also dig down into that niche and create a sub-niche or micro-niche just by teaching how to make dining chairs. (just one of many,many online business niches)
OPM-Outsourced Program Manager
Also referred to as an Affiliate Manager.
Opt-In Rate
The Rate or percentage of people who take you up your offer to sign up to your email list compared to the total number of people that were presented the offer, yet they declined. If 1,000 folks view your email subscription form and 100 sign up, then your Opt-In rate is 10 percent.
PPS- Pay Per Sale
Whenever an affiliate makes a sale, then they are paid for that sale.
PPL- Pay Per Lead
The affiliate will be paid a commission from the merchant whenever a lead is generated by them.
PPC- Pay Per Click
This particular program pays for every time that a person clicks on your link and is taken to the merchant. Regardless of whether a sale or lead is generated from the click.
Privacy Policy
The privacy policy of an online business is a statement on a page of the website informing all visitors of what information is collected from their visit and whether it remains confidential or if it is shared or sold to other companies.
Raw Clicks
The overall amount of clicks a link receives regardless of how many times a visitor clicks on the link.
ROI-Return On Investment
The Return on Investment is the contribution to profit attributable to the marketing/advertising campaign. The ROI of a campaign can be calculated using this formula.
Gross Profit – Marketing/Advertisement Investment
Marketing/Advertisement Investment
An example would be; Gross Profit $100 – Advertisement $30 =$70/ Advertisement $30 = 2.33 then multiply by 100 for the ROI percentage which is 233%.
SEO-Search Engine Optimization
A means of improving the flow of traffic to a website by increasing the site rank/visibility within the search engine results.
Through creating good quality, unique, informative, content on a site will lead to better rankings within the search engine results.
Split Testing
Split Testing is a way of testing through comparison, two separate version of a web page or landing page, for example. By carrying out this test, it can be figured out which of the two pages converts visitors best.
Squeeze Page
A squeeze page has one specific aim, and that is to capture a visitors name and email details so that the owner of the squeeze page can communicate with them in the future.
Text Link
A text link works in the same way as an image or banner ad, through the use of text only. An example of a text link, Wealthy Affiliate.
The name given to visitors of a website. If you are looking to increase traffic to your website, then you are trying to increase the number of visitors. (not cars on the road)
Unique Clicks
These are the genuine clicks on an affiliate link and not the same person clicking five times by mistake. A Unique click will be only one of the five from that same person.
If you have any questions about the above glossary please feel free to leave them in the comment box below.
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