Success in Life, How Can we Achieve it?

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Trying to establish the time in my life when I had actually made a conscious note that I simply had never set out aPassion-Leads_To-success designated life path to follow,  was a couple of years ago when my building team and I were working on a project in West London.

We were working for a couple that I can only describe as the most friendly, intelligent and wonderfully amusing husband and wife that I had won the contract to carry out building works on their property.

The wife was a joy to be around from first thing in the morning until the end off the working day and the husband was an extremely intelligent, quick witted and charasmatic Bio-Chemistry Professor that on many occasion would join us for tea break to discuss anything that we would have questions about or if he thought that he could help with anything, which was pretty much all the time.



The Professor

It was probably after the first day or two, over a cup of tea that we got chatting about what kind of a job he worked at and how long for. He explained that he was a professor and how he had been involved in science for the best part of his life.

He then over the next few weeks would stop and a have a chat with us at tea break (when he wasn't too busy) about pretty much anything and it was through these first few conversations that it became clear to me that not only was he an extremely knowledgeable man regarding he's field of science but life in general.

He had a fantastic ability to be able to explain things to us all, in easily understandable language and it was through these conversations that I realised I had been missing many things out in my life by not clearly defining what it was that I wanted to do.



Apprentice to Professor

As I got to know the professor, through being around him and his lovely wife over the course of approximately fourteen weeks, a friendship developed and we started to talk more openly with each other of our families and how we had both arrived at the job, profession that we both were doing.

James had pointed out to me, that this was not the course he had chosen initially as a young man and that he had gone down the road of taking an apprenticeship after leaving school.

He then decided that his interests lay elsewhere and started out again by going through the learning process of chemistry, biology and mathematics. Which is where he developed his interests even further and therefore created a life based around what he was most passionate about.

He explained how he then started to lecture in front of large audiences and how when he first started that he was nervous in how he presented himself and the lecture that he was teaching. The point he emphasised with me, was that it was not so much by knowing exactly where he was headed in the beginning, but to just start the journey and from that point everything would unfold.



Having an Idea on Where You Are Headed

Although there are very few people in this world that know exactly where they are headed in life, asking a few simpleKnowing-Your-Direction questions of yourself is a good place to start from.

  • What do I do that makes me really happy (try not to answer drinking beer or wine)
  • What do I like doing that gives me great satisfaction
  • What new skills or knowledge would I like to acquire
  • What way could I help my family to a better life
  • What pastime or hobby that I have allows me to escape the world that I don't enjoy

When you answer these few questions with real honesty, you can start to zero in on one or two things that you would like to do for a career.

You might find that when you go fishing for example, it gives you the calm serenity that your mind craves when it has been overworked by a long month of working in a job that you don't get any satisfaction from.

When you return home from your day or weekend of fishing you may find that your family notice how much more relaxed you are and how much fun you can be when you've had a chance to de-stress.

This is where you can make better decision from, the perspective of a relaxed mind. Now I'm not a fishing enthusiast, actually I've only ever tried it once, I just want to use fishing as an example of a possible new career. I know what most people would say to this, how can you make a career from fishing?

Well there are many ways in which you could and I'm not going to start with the blatantly obvious and least chance of achieving, by being the presenter of your own TV fishing program…..



How Could My Pastime Become My Career?

Important tip: turning a pastime or passion into a money making career will need for you to provide a service, information or product that can help to solve a problem. This stands true of most businesses and once you have it clear in your mind it gives you the ability to see from the perspective of someone that needs help.

This will give you a great advantage over someone that just wants to make money because all they have in mind is themselves, whereas you with your new way of thinking is out to help and by giving you get.

I'll try and give you a few ideas as to how you could turn the hobby/pastime/passion of fishing into a career.

  • Sell fishing equipment
  • Sell information on how to fish
  • Create videos on the best locations to catch particular fish
  • Write a book on fishing techniques

The four brief ways to make money from fishing will require that you have a website (build one here) that people can visit to see the products or information that you have to help them solve their problem. You can set yourself up as an affiliate marketer and once you have your website with quality fishing information upon it then you will start to attract visitors to whom you can help.

What you need to consider as well before getting started, is to not shoot yourself in the foot first of all by saying that you don't know enough to be able to help or teach others about fishing. Secondly understand how much knowledge you do know in comparison to someone just starting out, or a beginner fisher that needs that little bit of help to keep them going when they are finding it difficult.

Remember what the Professor said, he started out in one direction and ended up in another, all the time he kept acquiring new knowledge to take him to the next level, something that I have now made a part of my life and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy the whole learning process and will never cease to learn new things.

That was just one example out of the many thousands upon thousands of hobbies/pastimes that you could turn into a career and it could be expanded upon to a huge degree.

Learning the principals of building an online business is what is required and the perfect place to find this all out is Wealthy Affiliate.



Wouldn't Ideas For Fishing Run Out? 

As I'm not into fishing and only used this as an example, I can still see how this can be built up by thinking along the lines of what I would want to know to get me started.

Lets say you've got a successful website that sells other peoples equipment and information on fishing and you make a commission on each and every item sold, ok. Then you reach a point where your at a set income level and it is not increasing any further, what do you do?

Now this is where you then start to build out your own information product, information video or maybe design yourFishing-Ideas own piece of equipment.

You could film yourself on location at a particular part of the UK and fish for a particular fish, you show in detail where you set up your rod and other required equipment. You then go into detail what type of line you use, what weight and hooks and also the bait.

The amount of information that you could provide to the beginner fisher within these video could be a great way of  ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable day for the novice, solving a problem for your customer and rewarding you financially. You could even provide information via downloadable PDF.

That would be one lot of information for fishing a particular fish in a particular part of the UK. This could then be expanded upon by fishing for another type of fish within a European city and the different tactics, bait, etc, that you would require.

The list for fishing around the world and all the different types of equipment required can be endless.



Set Your Direction and Start Your Journey Toward it

It really is a simple way of starting out doing what you feel will not be work ever again. Of course when you start to think this through, your brain will be saying that you can't do this because of XYZ and of course you will succumb to the voice in your mind that has been holding you back all along.

How about if you didn't give into it for once and thought through your present situation and how you could work the learning into your life. How about if you said ok I've got a job at present and if I were to segment my evenings or weekends into 1,2or 3 hour segments that don't interfere with my family time and give it a shot for a few months just to see if you could achieve something new, something your passionate about.

The only way that you can bring change into your life is to make a plan and then implement it by heading out in the direction you want to go, don't allow a fear of change to hold you back. Escape the comfort zone and live the life you choose.

Keep in mind Albert Einstein's quote – Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Only you can make the change and only you can head out on the journey that you want to travel, friends and family might try and persuade you otherwise, this they will do because they have your best interests at heart and also as they are stuck in the same rut as you are.

I hope that this has helped to highlight what might be stopping your progress in life, if you have any questions or would like to leave a comment please do below.


All the best




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  1. seelanonline says:

    Great the content. It make me happy to find people that are truly value driven. Helping people along the way to your success is a great value adding serivce. Keep it going and good luck

    • Tommy says:

      Thanks for the kind words Seelan. I try and provide as much quality information as I possibly can, as it was through great information that I was able to discover a way to build a different business, an online business, one that I was more passionate about.

      Thanks for dropping in and all the best

  2. Sayra says:

    This is great and thought provoking. Great information:)
    Best of Success

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