The Fear Of Change

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Why Do People Fear Change?

There are many reasons for us to fear change in our lives. But should we allow it to direct us on the path that it would like us to go down?….Moving-Beyond-Fear

I for one, think that when we realise we control the way we want to think and nobody else, it presents us with a  realization that we can start anew, we can choose the direction we are going to travel and to do the things that we desire doing.

So many times in our lives we allow other people and situations to dictate what they want us to do and don’t think of the consequences for one moment. Why do we do this to ourselves?

A lot of it boils down to the fear of change in our lives! We allow ourselves to be consumed by it and never stop to think what if I did try this, or If I did have a go at that, your life might turn out differently…..probably for the better!


Below are a few of the reasons that we Fear change

  • Failing
  • Succeeding
  • Loss
  • Guilt
  • Upsetting others
  • Stepping out of our perceived comfort zone

From one point of view they seem like fairly good reasons not to get involved in anything new….And then from another perspective they seem not to be reasons, but questions that we should ask ourselves.

  • What if I did fail at XThoughts-To-Inspire
  • What if I didn’t succeed
  • What could I lose
  • Why would I feel guilty
  • Who would I upset by doing X
  • What if I stepped out of my comfort zone….What is the worst thing that could happen to me

You may find good or great ideas springing to mind!


Should We Face Our Fears?

Yes, I’m sure would be the resounding answer of anyone desiring more of their Life.

When we ask ourselves questions, it helps us to dig down into the root belief that we have regarding our reasons for not doing something about our miserable job, about the annoying boss, with his/her ridiculous requests, about the amount of time that we are away from our familes with work etc.

I’m not saying jump head first into everything that you would like to do without giving  second thought to the concequences, No!…that would be irresponsibe and down right crazy. I’m just saying look at the reasons without attaching your own personal belief to them and you start to see clearly whether or not a choice to go in a particular direction is right or wrong, from there you can decide to go Left or Right.


If we allow fear to put us into a state where all we can think about is what will go wrong, then we will never be able to chase down our dreams, follow our passions, or perish the thought live our ideal life! We will just remain in a state of  Procrastination.

I’m certainly no expert psychologist. What I am, is someone that has had personal struggles in life and have found ways to get over them.

We can never possibly know what will happen if we try out something new as there are far to many outcomes to predict. What we can do is ask the relevant questions of what we desire and how our own personal situations will be effected by seeking out what we desire.


Escape From Your Comfort Zone

When I first started working at the age of 16, I had absolutely no idea if this was the right direction for me or not!

I can still remember the careers office calling on the house phone (do folks still remember those)!… and asking my Mum if they could speak to me. A job interview had come up for a carpentry apprenticeship at a local company.

At the time I was waiting on exam results to come back from school to inform me of whether or not I could apply to stay on at school and further my education (which would hopefully lead to me getting a job as a trainee architect). Was it the better choice of the two?…This is something that I will never know.

What it was, was a choice taken from asking questions of myself and finding out that I was quite passionate about woodwork. I stepped out of the safety of the comfort zone of school (where everything was taken care of for me by my parents and teachers), took the interview and got the job on the spot.

It is only on reflection of that day that I have been able to realise, asking questions in that way was something that I did naturally….and only since recently have started to do it again. Why? I’m not sure, but somewhere along the way I lost this ability and allowed fear and doubt to rule my decision making. This can be the case for many folks when families and mortgages enter their lives, their natural abilities get lost or rearranged amongst there new mental list of priorities.

Why did I change back to my original way of thinking?……


Dorothy Meets The Scarecrow

When we reach a crossroads in our life, just as Dorothy did when she met the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. We feel that change has to happen, we get to the point where the right questions are asked of ourselves and the way forward becomes illuminated.

This I feel best describes my own change of direction. These past thirty years I have worked in the construction industry and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But the journeys to site, the hours at work and the time spent away from my family increased. These factors when put together started to suck the joy out of building for me and pushed me to try and seek an alternative career or business.

when I started to research alternative jobs, I kept coming up with online businesses. There were quite a few to choose from especially the ones with limitless riches waiting for you just to tap into!

After several failed attempts at acquiring these fabled riches, I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. A company that not only shows you the principals it literally takes you by the hand and walks you through everything that you need to learn, from showing you what niche (specialised area of a market to promote a product or service) to choose from, building out your website, learning how to attract customers, promoting products and services.

This wouldn’t be for everyone, especially if you want to become rich within a week or two, or if you are not prepared to take action from what you learn. Everything that you will require is there for you under one roof, all you need to do is decide shall I carry on as I am or shall I work toward a new future of change….for the better.


Reasons Not To Procrastinate

One of our biggest problems is when we cannot decide either way, whether to do something or not do something. This causes us to Procrastinate and stops us dead in our tracks.Unable-To-Make-A-Decision

With fear in mind we are not only indecisive, we also focus on the negative more and then from that perspective we attract even more negativity into our lives.

Can you recall a time for example; when you heard a banging noise from the car whilst on a journey and thought the worse, only for the worse to become a reality?

I’m sure that you’ve heard over the years and from many different people, ‘what we focus our minds on becomes our reality’. Well I for one believe this as its happened to me on many different occasions, therefore I choose to focus on the positive a lot more now and through this focus I find that negative things happen a lot less. Even when things do go wrong I still keep my focus positive and from there my dreams and desires remain intact.


This is why I will finish with some reasons to be positive and to keep your focus there!

  1. A year from now I can be running my own business from home, Full or Part time
  2. I’ve always wanted to take the family to Florida
  3. I love sitting down to dinner with the family every night
  4. I think i’ll have another cup of coffee, well I am the boss
  5. How great is it not having to do that commute anymore
  6. It’s amazing how much I have learnt this past year
  7. I love dropping the kids of to school in the morning
  8. I’m saving a fortune on train/petrol fares now
  9. After my redundancy I thought I was to old to get another job
  10. I’m so glad that i’m earning more money now

Don’t Fear Change Embrace It


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