The New You

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The New You Challenge

Whenever we start something new in our lives, it always starts with the best of intentions and then after a couple or at best a few weeks, we revert back to what we were doing prior to our new intention.

This is true for so many people the world over, so I don’t want for you to think that it is only you that does this.

If we can just stay the course no matter whatever situations present themselves along the way.Stay-The-Course I know that this can seem a little uncaring especially when some peoples situations can change dramatically in a moments notice, for example a family member passes away, or you’re struck down by an awful illness/disease.

I know that these things are a bit on the dramatic side and would be exceptions to the rule as to why we might give up on a good intention. However, they are a fact of life and therefore need to be highlighted as reasons to not continue with a plan that we have put in place. However try and make them temporary situations and find ways to get back on track.


Then On The Other Hand-

There are what I can only describe as feeble excuses which normally sound like this:

  • I’ve had such a miserable day at work today, my boss didn’t stop moaning
  • When will I ever get a day where things go the right way for me
  • I’ve got to go and pick my daughter up from school as she’s not well
  • It won’t matter if I watch a few of my favourite TV shows this week
  • I don’t have the patience for this
  • I haven’t any knowledge of this whatsoever
  • This is going to take too long


Now to someone who’s ego is ruling everything that they think, will probably agree with some, or all of the above feeble excuses. Please let me inform you that they are the excuses which have always dragged you away from more freedom, improved health and greater wealth.


The Challenge-For Free 

Try out the Wealthy Affiliate online training for one month which is completely free and experience what opportunities await you in the not to distant future.

Try to get involved as much as possible within the community, check out all the video training, tutorials and course work as much as possible to see if this is a perfect fit for you within the free trial period.

I would then like you to do one other thing along with the Free training and that would be just before you get out of bed in the morning, or just before you retire in the evening. Try and visualize what it would be like if you were to succeed in building an online business based on something that you are passionate about.

Now I don’t just mean for a minute, thinking about how rich you want to be….I mean really see yourself in the life you would like to be living in a year to eighteen months from now.


Don’t Just See It-Feel it

Go deep with this and really put yourself in a place where you loved visiting in the past, it could be with family, it could be with friends. Use this image to keep you focused on going back there with plenty of money to spend, with the folks that you would desire to be with. Imagine the movie in your mind.Movie-Of-The-Mind

Remember the smells that were present and smell them once again.

Feel the weather-was it windy?…Was the sun shinning?….Was it raining? feel those sensations!

What food did you eat?…taste it again.

What drinks did you drink?…taste those again.

Get yourself right back there and this time put a few added extra’s into the equation, what nice new outfits are you wearing?….What kind of jewellery are you wearing?…What swanky restaurants are you dining in?….How long are you staying there?

Try to make the picture in your minds eye as clear as possible and visualize this new life of yours from your eyes, so that the feeling is of one, where you are looking at everything going on and not one, where you can see yourself in the picture. Make sure your associated and not disassociated from the picture.

Do this for approximately ten minutes daily along with the Wealthy Affiliate Free trial training and see how you feel one month from starting.


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