Ways to Make Money Fast!…Or Maybe Not!

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If you have ever come across a headline like this 'Ways to Make Money Fast' I'm sure that you will agree, it does grab your attention.
Your attention will become a lot more focused if you are having financial problems when you first come across these words. Which is the main reason behind companies using these words?
If you are having money problems and have had them for some time now, then it looks like the perfect solution for a situation that you would love to be as far from as possible order viagra online usa. But stop, wait one minute and think about what these words mean, is this something that will help you or drop you deeper into the financial hole you have been trying to escape.

Headlines to Grab Your Attention and Your Hard Earned Cash

There is always a motive behind a sensational headline, or should I say ulterior motive? Just like the one I used to grab your attention, however, my reason for using this headline is to make you aware of how you can have avoided falling for this promise, of being lead from Stormy Seas to Calmer Waters.
Using an eye-catching headline is the first of many ways in which a Scam company lures you into their web of deceit.
Once you have become entangled, they will then bombard you with their promise to help you from your gloomy exisitence with the promise of $1,000's per week with little to no work and all in a very short space of time!

Would You Like to Earn $500, $1,000, £5,000 or Much More Per Week?

Have you ever come across this type of promise before? The chances are highly likely, and this nonsense is frequently accompanied by a screenshot of a bank account, a check or even a wad of cash.
You will then get introduced to a man or woman that is promoting the product or system, standing outside a luxurious mansion with one or two expensive cars in the drive. They will turn, look into the camera and describe their past, before they came across the product/system that turned their life around.
Yawn! is it me or do other folks feel soooo bored of reading and listening to this complete garbage!

Understanding Why You Might Get Sucked in!

Getting clear in your mind why you might just get caught out with these types of scams is essential in helping you avoid disappointment.
It is one of the fundamental pitches of a salesperson, exposing your 'Fear' and when your fear is uncovered, it can take over your emotionsHow-To-Get-Out-Of-Debt-Fast and the clear way in which you think.
For example, you have a huge mountain of debt and a system, or product comes along like a Knight in shining armour and offers you a way to not only remove the debt but, gift you with being able to live the high life and only in a few short weeks.
It's bound to make you think, even if you know full well that it is a scam, It might even cause you to ponder for a moment, possibly trying to persuade yourself that maybe the waiting is over and here is the gift of a lifetime.

Don't Fool Yourself

As harsh as it may sound, the only person that can fool you in this kind of a situation is yourself!
Take the time to carry out due diligence, avoid rushing into making a purchase. Another of the scam artists tricks, 'make sure to sign up right away to avoid missing out on this once in a lifetime offer' ( with a clock ticking down the only chance you have to remove your money worries).
Take your time to make the correct decision, don't rush in just because the sales hype says you need to.

A Checklist to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Here I have provided a checklist to help you carry out your own detective work.
1. Contact information:
Can you communicate with the company via email, telephone or an address. If none of these is available, then get on your bike and leave well alone.
2. Correct Grammar:
Many of the scam sites that are online come from countries where English is a second language, so there are many spelling mistakes and lots of poor grammar.
3. Product/system details:
Is it clear as to what you are buying into,  how it all works and what can be expected as a result of the effort that you put in?
Many of the scams offer no information whatsoever before you sign up to them about how you might earn all of the fabled riches on offer.

4. Scam Domain name:

Some websites will use a domain name that is similar to that of a famous brand. For example, www.facebookloadsofmoney, if you were to carry out a search online you would find that it has nothing to do with Facebook at all.
5. Whois domain:
By checking out the domain via Whois lookup you will be able to find out where and when the domain was registered
Most scam sites only opperate for a few months before being closed down, so they will have recently registered.
6. Getting started:
If you are required to invest money before having a chance to look around the site or before trying the system, then this would cause me to be concerned.
Lots of scam sites will require small investments for example, $27, $37 or $47. You will then be taken to a site that provides no information on how you can make any money.
7. Upsells:
Another way to be caught out is when you are offered a system that has an initiall low cost to get your foot through the door only to find that there are plenty of upsells.
You pay $27 to gain access and then to progress through the training you keep having to upgrade to the next upsell starting at $69 and going up into the $100's.
If a system or product has more than 2 upsells then you can be sure they are teetering on the edge of a scam. When you buy in, everything should be included unless the upsells are some kind of tool or mentoring that takes you to a much higher level.

Would You Like to Know Where You Can Get This Type of System to Help you Build a successful Business?

Always take your time when investing your hard earned cash on a system or product that emails you out of the blue, as most of the time it will be a scam of some kind and even though you think it might help it won't!
Building a successful online niche business takes time and effort. Nobody gets rich within a week or two unless they win the lottery or, are the actuall person selling the scam system.
Research, research, research! carry out your due diligence and then you might just find that golden nugget that will help to change your life for the better.
If you would like to leave a comment or ask a question below please do.
All the best
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