What is Affilorama?

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Name: Affilorama

Website URL:www.affilorama.com

Price: $0 basic membership

$1 for a thirty day trial of the premium membership

$67 monthly

$497 for a three year membership

+ upsells $97-$997

Owner: Mark Ling



What is Affilorama?

Affiliorama is an affiliate marketing program that teaches you all the necessary steps to build your own online business through hours of video tutorials and written text which is all downloadable.

It is designed with the beginner right through to the advanced affiliate marketer in mind. It gives clear step-by-step instruction on how to build a business online.

The program was started back in 2005, by a guy called Mark Ling who we will go on to discuss next….



Who is Mark Ling?

Mark Ling first started out making money online back in the 90’s when he was still attending college, a pal of his pointed out how he was making money online by putting banners up on his website. This then got Mark to follow suit with building  small website and doing the same thing to make money.

Mark started Affilorama back in 2005 which highlights not only his ability to grow and learn affiliate marketing and all the strategies involved, but also how to adapt and move with the rapidly changing times of the online world, it is also what has gained him credibility within the industry itself.

This stands as testament to Affilorama as a solid program with the many years that it has been teaching it’s students how they can also make money online.

As with any program that you might think of joining online, there are good points and bad ones so let’s take a look…



Pro’s V Con’s


  • Free option which grants you access to go through the basic parts of the program
  • It has one of the largest affiliate marketing communities to which you will access
  • Easy to follow step-by-step lessons
  • Downloadable videos and text
  • You get three, free downloadable ebooks on joining (that wasn’t easy to say)



  • The free option basic program is quite limited in what it will teach you
  • There are a few upsells which I always find off putting
  • Teaches a couple of outdated techniques
  • Can prove to be expensive with the upsells
  • Support is a little on the slow side



Who Would Benefit From This Product

In all honesty their are quite a few people that could benefit from this training, right from the beginner level and up to the more advanced that may be looking to build upon their knowledge.

You certainly don’t need to have any prior knowledge of affiliate marketing to dive into this course as it has been designed to teach from beginner level upwards.

If you are prepared to build up your knowledge brick-by-brick then this is a great way to approach this course or any affiliate marketing course for that fact. A new career will take time to build and will require patience and perseverance to achieve this goal.


Who Wouldn’t Benefit From This Course

If your looking to make a fast buck or two, within a couple of weeks then think again. Because this program would definitely not be for you, nor would any affiliate marketing course for that fact as it will always take time to build a business from scratch whether online or real world.

If you’re someone that doesn’t follow the course as it is set out and complete all the necessary tasks before moving onto the next lesson then you run the risk of missing something important.



The Tools and Training

When you upgrade to Premium membership you will have access to advanced training videos, product creation training, Affiliate blog bootcamp training, free hosting for 15 domains (limited)  and 30 high-quality PLR articles (not something that I would recommend, I will explain further on).

You will have access to tools, which are analytical and statistical to help with keeping you in the picture as to how well your site is functioning and to help provide data from revenue to social media. Although some of these tools are a little outdated, providing you with unuseful data, which is something that the team behind Affilorama might want to look into and update!

One of the tools and a quarter of the bootcamp training within the premium membership, teaches how to find sites from which you can backlink (this is severely detrimental to your site to do this).

Backlinking a few years ago was all the rage and a way of getting your site ranked higher in the search engines regardless of the quality of content that you were providing to your visitors. However, since the introduction of Google Panda and Penguin updates, which are basically penalties imposed by google on sites that carry out this technique to get ranked, without providing quality content to their visitors.

There are also PLR (Private Label Rights) articles to use which are also not a good idea nowadays with the updates of Google which will penalise you for duplicate content within your site if you are to use them. The emphases of a website should be to provide quality, helpful, organised content/information to your visitors in your own words.

If You Would Like to Learn the Correct Systems to Building a Quality Website and Where I Learnt Then click here.




Support Within the Program

Support within Affilorama comes from within the community forum and the support department which you can call by phone, email (hoping to get back to you within 24hrs).

The forum provides a way of getting queries answered however the level of expertise responding to your query is unknown as this person my be new just like yourself.

There is also no known specific timeframe within the forum, as to when you will receive an answer to question.

Mark does get involved in some of the discussions within the forum but not often. This is due to the fact that at his level within the company he will have far more important issues to deal with just like a company boss or owner.



What are the Upsells in Affilorama and How Much do They Cost?

This is something that I always find disheartening about a program, just when you have purchased it and then you have to buy something else and then something else.

Having been on the receiving end of program upsells in the past myself, I know how deflating it can be especially as the reason that you have started out on this journey of self improvement and freedom to work for yourself, iss because of the lack of money in the first place!

You purchase the program with the intention to get stuck in straight away, then once you’ve made the purchase and logged in you are hit with an upsell! Now in all fairness Affilorama doesn’t clobber you over the head as you walk through the door, looking to get more investment out of you for the same product. No they offer these upsells really as a bolt-on to the existing program to speed you through the training…..However still upsells in my book.


#1 Affilotheme

This is a WordPress theme which comes with multiple layout options.

You will get

  • Access to an exclusive private members forum
  • Training videos
  • Pop over generator
  • Header creator
  • Graphics tool
  • One years hosting

In truth I would of expected this included within the premium membership. Which you will be asked to sign up to after a year to keep your hosting at Affilorama.




#2 AffiloBlueprint

This is Mark Ling’s personal step by step process to building money making websites based on his years of experience in the industry. This can be purchased as a stand alone product.

You will have access to:

  • 91 training videos
  • Downloadable videos and notes
  • Bonus #1 website building tool
  • Bonus#2 A 1 month trial of marketing suite tool (then $67)
  • Affilotheme included

You will also find that you will not have the support that is associated with the premium membership and in order to have that, you will need to upgrade to a premium membership at a monthly fee of $67.

This is also true if you want to keep hosting at Affilorama after a year, you will need to upgrade to Premium.




Upsell #3 AffiloJetpack

Affilojetpack is training and a done for you system that has been set up by Mark in order for you to sell his products.

Now training to be an affiliate is all about promoting other peoples and companies products/services, so no problem there. My gripe with it is the huge initial cost from which Mark will see a huge return, whether he charged a lot less for it than he is at present, as you will be selling his products/services anyway.

What is included are Jetpacks which are content created packs around 18 of the most popular niches around at present.

You will get:

  • To choose 5 out of the 18 most popular niches
  • 3 ebooks to give away as sign-up freebies
  • 20 article packs for each niche
  • Affilotheme included
  • 1 year of hosting for 1 website

Although there is a vast amount of done for you products the downside of this is that you don’t actually get to learn the whole process for yourself.

Price: $997 (and breathe)

What do I feel about the upsells? A little disappointed,  you are kind of lured into the program and then your stuck! Should I move on or just swallow the additional expense?

Me personally I would try out the premium membership for a month and see if you like it and then I would only possibly get involved with the upsells once I was making money.

Or you could check out my #1 Program for a lot less expense.


My Opinion

Will this product help to teach affiliate marketing?…Yes it will and we have to appreciate the level of information that has been provided by Mark and his team within Affilorama.

Mark is definitely one of the good guys out there, he has a vast amount of knowledge as to how it all works in the online world and you will clearly learn a lot from him.

I just feel that it is a shame to buy into a product and then have to buy into it again and again. This is something that I have found very off putting in the past when purchasing a product or service, even more so when funds are limited.

There is also the issue of a few outdated techniques that could cause you more harm than help.



Affilorama Overview

Name: <a href="http://newcareernewlife buy viagra in usa.com/affilohome”>Affilorama

Website URL: www. affilorama.com

Owner: Mark Ling

Ranking: 80/100Good-Quality-Affiliate_marketing-Program

 Final Verdict: A good program with plenty of training and tools available, a couple of disappointing techniques being taught, plus the upsells which I always find disappointing within a program.



If you would like to learn affiliate marketing to a high standard and at a more affordable price, check out my #1 choice


I Hope this review has been helpful and if you have any questions or would like to leave a comment below in the box, please feel free.

All the best




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  1. Luna says:

    Very detailed info about Affilorama I had no idea it was so expensive. I just won’t complain about the cost here. There is really no comparison. As usual I enjoyed reading this review.

    • Tommy says:

      Hi Luna
      I have to agree we shouldn’t grumble at the monthly fee of Wealthy Affiliate as it is quite easily the best program out there at the best price and without the Big Ticket upsells once inside the program.

      All the best

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