What is PrizeRebel? Find Out in This review.

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PrizeRebel reviewPrizeRebel

Name: PrizeRebel
Website: prizerebel.com
Price: Free to join

PrizeRebel Overview

What is PrizeRebel? Well if you have never heard of this site before, let me explain. Prizerebel is a rewards website where you can earn points for carrying out online activities.
Here is a brief list of how you can tally up the points, for example:
. Trying out products and services
go now. Watching videos
. Filling out surveys
. Downloading phone apps
. Getting referrals
They are quite a few more ways to build up your points. But, once you have sufficient points accumulated then you can exchange these points for gift cards, physical items and cash.
It is very similar to Swagbucks in the way that the site works and the ways in which you can earn points.

The Pros and The Cons



. Easy to sign up (direct through Prizerebel or Facebook)
. $5 minimum cash out (similar sites can be $25+)
. Easy to understand site with videos and a good list of FAQ's
. You can sign up at 13 years old ( you will need parent permission if you are 13-18 years of age)
. Once signed up you can dive straight in
. Lots of different ways to tally up your points
. your referrals will generate you points

. You will not get rich ( pocket money)
. No mobile app
. Lot's of spam emails
. Can take some time to build up the points


Who is it For?

Anyone that would like to make a few $ performing tasks that are very simple.

A Few Examples of Ways to Make Cash

Watching Videos prize rebel

One of the simplest tasks to carry out, and it doesn't take very long at all. The videos are only one and half minutes – three and a half minutes long to view. However, you will only earn 1-2 point for this task.


Daily Points

 Something that you can do every day, and it is very quick to complete. You need to view websites for approximately 15 seconds; you can earn 2 points per site that you visit.


Carry out short surveys for third party companies, which require you to fill out your name and email and answer a few brief questions. Should only take a few minutes to complete.


There are two types of offers: Paid and Free.

Paid: With the paid offers you will have to spend a little to earn a profit, so be warned. This will require you coughing up a couple of $ to make those bigger point totals. If the profit margin is more than double your outlay then maybe it will be worth it

Free: These are the ones that I have tried and stick too. They are quicker to carry out, and you can get through a lot of them. Building up your points.
It's worth noting when you start with PrizeRebel to take a few brief notes whenever you are taking a survey or performing a task to try and work out what particular surveys or tasks are the best to do, based on the return of points for time spent on them.

A Bit of Fun

There is also a drop-down menu on the main dashboard under the category WIN. Within this, there are four sub-headings.
. Raffles
. Lucky numbers
. Contests
. My Winnings


Ok, it's a little bit of fun for when you have a few extra points that you might want to take a small gamble with. You purchase a ticket with your points (10 points = 1 ticket) and then you confirm your purchase and wait for the timer to announce the winner.



Lucky NumbersPrizeRebel-Lucky-Numbers

Here you pick four numbers between 1 – 17, just as you would with a lottery. The lucky numbers get drawn once a week, and one ticket will cost you twenty points.



Worth doing, if you are trying to earn as many points as possible. If you win, then you get a few hundred more points for the effort.




The support is based on a FAQ's page where they have tried to put in place as many answers as possible to help out with most problems that you may encounter.

I didn't see much point in it as there couldn't be too many problems that could arise from a site of this type of nature…..until I started to notice that because I was viewing the site in Spain while on holiday, a lot of the surveys and offers were in Spanish.
I then found the 'get help' section to enquire if it was possible to click a button that would allow me to view offers in English.
Approximately one hour later a member of the support team responded, explaining.
 Hi Tommy Kelly,
Unfortunately, this is determined by your geolocation by the survey provider or advertiser. I would advise you complete surveys/offers when you return home. Thank you for letting us know!
If I'd of thought for one minute, then I would have worked it out. However what this did show me was that PrizeRebel has a very responsive support.

Word of Advice

When you start filling out surveys or putting your email down for offers, it won't be too long before you are bombarded with 100's of emails and this may be a bit of a pain.
Try signing up for surveys or offers with a separate email address and then set up a filter to send all the unwanted mail directly into it.

Final Word on PrizeRebelGood-Quality-Affiliate_marketing-Program

It is most definitely a legitimate website, and you can earn some money from it. But, bear in mind you will not be quitting your day job.

Name: PrizeRebel
Website: prizerebel.com
Price: Free to join
Verdict: Legit
I hope that you have found this review of PrizeRebel helpful, and if you would like to add a comment about PrizeRebel or ask a question, please feel free in the comments box below.
All the best
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