What is the Best Keyword Tool?

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If you're looking for a keyword tool to get started with for Free, one that is evolving and constantly updating to keep with the fast pace of theWhat-Is-The-Best-Keyword-Tool ever-changing world of the search engine, then I have just the tool for you.
Being able to rank high in the search engines, is one of the main keys to getting visibility and more importantly traffic to your website. So having a tool at your disposal that can search out low competition keywords with adequate traffic is an essential bit of kit.
Name: Jaaxy
Website: www.jaaxy.com
Owners: Kyle and Carson

Keyword Tools

When it comes to keyword tools, there are quite a few out there that will provide you with plenty of information, but sometimes the type of information that is of no use to you.
Too often with keyword tools, they seem to provide too many numbers and data, making the whole process of using a keyword tool to simplify your searches that more difficult.
It needs to be simple, and it needs to be able to do all the hard word for you. Which is what Jaaxy does, it provides simple and easy to understand information that you can use to get your posts ranked on the first page of the search engines.
Why not give it a try for Free and see what you think. Type in any keyword and see the results.



How can Jaaxy Help You?

There are many ways that Jaaxy can assist you with your online business and here are a few of the benefits of using this quality tool.
  1. Provide you with accurate numbers of traffic for your keywords if ranked on page 1
  2. The number of competing websites with your keyword
  3. Related keywords to your search that you can use for additional articles/posts
  4. Available domains that are related to your searched keyword
Jaaxy has many uses, primarily keyword research. Something that anyone with a website or online business needs to utilise as an essential part of getting page 1 rankings in the search engines and therefore more traffic to your website.
Let us say for an example that you search a keyword that has low competition, but also has a small amount of traffic. Is it not more important to get high volumes of traffic even if the competition is high? In a word No!
The reason for this is that if the competition is high, then the chances of getting on page 1 of the search engines is significantly reduced. You will be competing with much larger companies that are well established and also have volumes of great content on their sites (Authority sites).
A smart practice to consider is this; if you search keywords with competition 300 and below, and traffic of 50 and over for example, you will have a better chance of ranking on page 1.
You can then capitalise on the lower amount of traffic by adding more and more posts/articles to your site with the smaller levels of traffic, which then over time, your traffic will add up to a significant amount.
Getting to grips with a tool of this quality is simple and easy to use unlike most other products on the market.

The Main Elements

From the information returned above we can see that all of the keywords with KQI which is green are a good choice of keywords which should see us ranked on page 1 of the search engines. We can use these for articles/posts on our website.

The Important Elements

The important results that we should adhere to when using Jaaxy are:
  1. We need to ensure that the monthly searches or Avg are 50 and over
  2. The keyword that we search or use is grammatically correct ( The best football boots, not The football best boots)
  3. We should aim for a QSR below 300


The list below provides a brief description of the headings to each column


Keyword: The phrase that a user types into the search engine.

Avg: Is the average number of searches carried out on a particular keyword per month
Traffic: This is the average amount of traffic for a searched keyword per month ranked on page 1 of the search engines.
QSR: This stands for the Quote Search Result, which is the number of competing pages that are ranking for this keyword.
KQI: Or Keyword Quality Indicator, this is shown as Green = Great, Yellow = OK and Red = Poor.
SEO: This is a score that is based on the competition and traffic and will you get ranked on page 1 for this keyword. The scale out of 100, the higher the number, the better.
Domains: The available domains related to this keyword.

Added Bonuses to the Tool

Although in this review I have based the majority of uses of Jaaxy on the keyword research element, there are also a number of other uses.

  1. To find domain names relevant to your searches
  2. Being able to check your site, pages and post ranks in the search engines
  3. Video training on how to use the tool
  4. Affiliate programs to join based on your keywords
  5. Brainstorm section which highlights latest trends on google, Yahoo, Alexa, amazon and Twitter. Giving you the head start on popular markets to promote.


A Point Worth Noting


Taking into account that this keyword tool is the creation of Kyle and Carson, the very same founders of Wealthy Affiliate, who have an extensive amount of knowledge of Affiliate marketing and everything else from SEO optimisation, email marketing, PPC campaigns, Media Marketing, etc.
The list could go on. However, my point is this when you have guys that have developed a tool. Which more than likely started out as an aid to their online campaigns, you can bet your bottom dollar that ease, simplicity and a vast improvement to how they carried out their research were paramount to the success of every campaign. So in the development of the tool every effort was made to create a sophisticated, simple to use, evolving bit of kit.

How Much Does it Cost


Jaaxy is developed by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, so it has the same try before you pay policy that not many businesses offer.

Something that will always win me over is the opportunity to go through how it all works before paying a single penny, allowing you to make the decision as to how good the tool functions.



Jaaxy Starter: Free (30 keyword searches)

Pro: $19 per month or $199 per year

Enterprise: $49 per month or $499 per year


                    Jaaxy Free Trial Here.


I use the pro plan myself at the moment and find that it is more than adequate for my requirements


If you require any further information on Jaaxy then please leave a question below. Or If you would like to know more about affiliate marketing and where you can find a place to learn which is Free to start then check out my #1 Choice.





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6 Responsesso far.

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Tommy,
    I enjoyed reading your overview of the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. I have used several keyword research tools and I have to agree that Jaaxy is both extremely good and very easy to use. I very much appreciated the ability to try out the program and perform 30 searches for free before being required to invest in the program. This, to me, is a clear indication of legitimacy. I would highly recommend Jaaxy!

    • Tommy says:

      Thanks for commenting Linda. I have to agree, jaaxy is the best keyword tool that I have used based on the amount of work it saves, the many different uses and the sheer simplicity of use. Being a tool that is offered with a Free to get started plan, makes it all the more attractive, because if you don’t like it you don’t have to pay a penny. Although saying that once you have tried it out you will not want to be without it.

      Thanks Tommy

  2. john says:

    Thank you for dissecting Jaaxy, i am already a user of Jaxxy search tools. Jaxxy is the best keyword tool ever. I recommend it for any one that plan to succeed online business wise.

    • Tommy says:

      I agree with you one hundred percent John. It has helped me to build out my website and slashed the amount of time I would have spent searching out appropriate research information. I know that some may say I am biased in my opinion as it is a product that I promote but, I have to say I think Jaaxy is the best keyword tool out there.

      All the best

  3. carl says:


    Really good tool, but it’s quite pricey. Is there anything like this but cheaper?



    • Tommy says:

      Hi Carl, it is not as easy to answer as your brief question might suggest. I will try and provide the appropriate information to the best of my knowledge. Without comparing each and every keyword tool against Jaaxy, my answer will be based on the keyword tools that are most popular, so here goes.
      Starting with SEMrush, you have a very comprehensive tool that includes organic research, advertising research, keyword research, backlinks analysis, social media tool, domain vs. domain comparison, plus a few other analytical figures that are aimed more at a bigger company/organisation. The cost of SEMrush’s plans starts at $69.95 Pro, $149.95 Guru, and 549.95 Business. As you can see, fairly hefty in price.

      Up next is Moz Pro keyword explorer. This keyword tool starts with a free 30-day keyword search, tracked campaigns, SEO tools. It then climbs significantly to $50 per month for keyword explorer level one and then soars up to $150 per month for the keyword explorer level 2.

      We then have Buzzsumo which operates a Pro plan at $99 per month, Agency at $299 per month and Enterprise $699 per month these plans do provide additional information, however, the kind that is not required for the likes of a small affiliate marketing business.

      The cheapest one I could find that produces similar results but not as good as Jaaxy is KW Finder, this starts out for free but, only provides 5 searches per day for the free plan. The basic is $12 per month with 100 searches per day and finally premium at $25 per day for 500 searches. This is a similar plan but not as good as Jaaxy Pro.

      Last of all the nearest that we get to Jaaxy for a comparison is Long Tail Platinum. This tool comes with a $1 for 10 days trial which gives you a good chance to work out if this is the tool for you. Jaaxy only offers 30 keyword searches as a comparison to the $1 trial. Then the plans are as follows: Starter $37 per month, Pro 467 per month, Agency $147.

      So as you can see Carl, these are only a few of the tools out there, of these I have personally only tried Long Tailed Platinum and KW Finder. In my opinion, Jaaxy wins because it provides so much more than the cheaper competitors, yet is less of a financial outlay then the tools that provide more information, which again, in my opinion, I don’t think is required.

      I hope this has provided you with a bit more information to help you decide.

      All the best

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