When is it Time to Quit Your Job?

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Making the decision to leave a job, whether you have been there for a few months or for some years, is definitely not the sort of decision to take lightly. But when is it a good time to quit your job?Choose-The-Life-You-Want

For some, especially if you have been with a particular company for years, it can be quite overwhelming. More so if you have been trapped in the job due to financial reasons or if you are now entering into the later years of your life and The Fear of Change has you frozen dead in your tracks.

So bearing that in mind I would like to try and help you with the decision making process by asking a few questions and giving you a few pointers which will help you to arrive at a your own decision. One that I hope will propel you forward into a brighter future.



Is it Time to Leave Yet?

Before jumping to a rash decision and shooting your mouth off at your boss, try this little exercise. Take a piece of A4 paper and on one side right down all of the reasons that you like your job, for example:

  • It’s literally a hop, skip and a jump away from my house so not far to travel
  • What a great bunch of co-workers I work with
  • The boss is such a great person to work for and a great inspiration to me
  • The work that I do is really quite interesting, so much so that time flies

I think you get the idea.

Then on the other side write out all the reasons you could leave at the drop of a hat, for example:

  • A three to four hour commute per day is grinding me down
  • If I have to listen to that office gossip any longer i’m going to scream
  • I know you get the Monday blues, but does everyone have to have it!….and all week
  • Could this work be anymore mundane than it is
  • I would love to see my boss fall flat on his/her a*#e
  • I can’t wait for lunchtime, just to let off a bit of steam

Now just like my two example lists, the con’s are outweighing the pros and this then starts to become an indicator of whether you should move on to greener pasture’s or just sit tight and bite your lip until you either explode with rage, or collapse in a heap due to stress!….



Is Your Health Starting to Suffer?

When you start to witness signs of stress in your current job, then this must surely grab your attention and make you want to sit down to decide a course of action to take.

This course of action might well just involve reorganizing your working day or it may just be the wake up call that highlights to you time to move on.<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-425" src="https://newcareernewlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/stress-1277561_1280-300×184.png" alt="Stress-Relief-Help" width="300" height="184" srcset="https://newcareernewlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/stress-1277561_1280-300×184.png 300w, https://newcareernewlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/stress-1277561_1280-1024×628.png 1024w, https://newcareernewlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/stress-1277561_1280 Find Out More.png 1280w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

Throughout your life you have probably had many indicators…gut instincts that have told you something is right for you, or something is wrong for you.

So what we need to do is realign ourselves with these feelings to help us come to the right decision.




Information to Help With The Decision Process

Once you have acquired the information from your pro’s and con’s list, plus whether or not your present job is causing you any health issues. You can then sit down on your own and without distraction and ask yourself ‘Is this job something that I like, want, or enjoy doing’?

Don’t just ask the question, feel it deep inside and how it makes you feel. You will find that if you spend a little bit of time going through this process that you will get an accurate answer back through your feelings.

If the feeling to the question just screams at you to leave then you have arrived at your decision. If you don’t come to a decision you should go back through the process a few more times until you can reach a decision.

Although a decision has been made and if it is to leave your job, then you might find that you just can’t jump ship right away due to:

  • Contractual agreements
  • Lack of finances
  • No new job
  • Unsure what else to do

You will need to make a plan for your exit and one that defines exactly how you will go about doing so…


The Planning Stage

This part of the moving on phase involves you understanding exactly what your companies policies are on handing in your notice.Career-Action-Plan

Each and every company will have there own finishing up period of time that you will have to work through and that could be anywhere from two-four weeks.

You will also need to hand in a written notice to your employer, avoid going into detail with your reasons for leaving, you don’t want to burn any bridges.

It always makes good sense to remain cool and professional throughout the process, even if you have a boss that you’d sooner drop kick out of the window! You never know you may find yourself doing business with the company some years later.

You may also need to give your boss verbal notice, again keep it brief, little to no detail. If he or she pushes for reasons as to why you are leaving, you can say that you are looking into furthering your career.




If I do Leave my Current Place of Employment Where Will I go?

This is a good question as it is now time to try and discover what it is that you actually enjoy doing. What you are passionate about, what you would love to spend the rest of your days doing.

This is where you really don’t have to think too hard, if you have a hobby or love taking part in a particular interest in your spare time, then look no further

What a lot of people find hard to understand is how a hobby that they love doing but only get spare days or afternoons to immerse themselves in, could be turned into a career.

  • Your hobby could be playing golf
  • cycling
  • gardening
  • cooking
  • DIY
  • writing
  • photography
  • fitness
  • sport
  • model making
  • computers
  • yoga

The list is endless and so are the niche businesses that can be set up.

If you’ve been doing your hobby for a few years now, you have probably acquired some unique and expert knowledge about it and therefore would be looked on as an authority in whatever your chosen hobby is.

This is where I can guide you to a place where you can learn how to take that knowledge and apply it in such a way that not only will your hobby be your work, but your work will be your hobby.

This place is Wealthy Affiliate, a place where you can learn all the skills required in building your own website and business and then marketing it to the people that are interested.

All this can be done from working at home, imagine the benefits of this to your health and finances.




Hold on to Your Horses!..

Before you go charging off to join Wealthy Affiliate, you need to understand that this is most definitely not a get rich quick scheme, nor is it a place where you will be earning money from the first week, you need to bear this in mind at the planning stage.

It could take 3, 6, or even 12 months to start earning revenue from this type of business and it all depends on how quickly you pick up your new skills and knowledge of setting up a niche business.

So there are a couple of ways to tackle the situation:

  • Carry on in your current employment and suffer the miser that it brings you, dreaming of better days
  • Join Wealthy Affiliate for a FREE trial month whilst still employed and see if it fits, if yes then you can continue with your current job, join Wealthy Affiliate and build your niche business out until you are all set to leave your old job.
  • Try out Wealthy Affiliate for the Free trial and see exactly what it is like inside (you won’t be disappointed) then save up the required amount of money to quit your job, then work on your new life, full time
  • You’ve already got savings…Wealthy Affiliate here I come!

Only you can decide on whether or not you would like the change in your life and it will take a bit of work on your end to go through the training and to set it all up. However, once you get it all set up you can then enjoy the benefits that this way of life will bring you. Then and only then will your work seem like no effort at all.


Just remember that nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort.


I hope this has helped you and if you have any questions or would like to leave a comment below please feel free.


All the best












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2 Responsesso far.

  1. Sadie Chan says:

    Hi Tommy,
    Good Advice for those who want to quit their jobs. It is important to weight the pro and con first before making the final decision to quit. After all, all of us need money for our daily expenses. Also, the training and building on the Online business are going to take some time before one can see money coming in.
    Regards Sadie

    • Tommy says:

      Thanks Sadie
      Your quite right and through planning we can all make great changes in our lives. Online business does take time to make money from, that is why we need to create an exit plan from our current employment by setting one up.

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