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Home Office Ideas On A Budget


When it comes to starting out learning and building an online business, especially from the following perspectives then there might not be the funds available.


  • Someone that has just been made redundant
  • You’re trying to supplement your part time earnings
  • Have been unemployed for some time
  • A stay at home parent that could do with some extra cash
  • Supplement a small pension
  • Make an addition to your disability benefits
  • Or quite possibly someone that would like to quit there job but just doesn’t have the money to do so


Starting Out With No Money


It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom if there are no available funds to set up a home office. It just requires a little bit more imagination and an understanding of what is essential equipment to get you started in the first place.

  1. Having a computer is the first piece of essential equipment that you require
  2. A desk is also high up on the list
  3. A comfortable chair
  4. An area within your property where you can set this up


Starting With an Area to Set up in

If it is possible then try and set the office up in a room where you don’t have any distractions if possible. Try to avoid the lounge if family are watching TV whilst your trying to learn and work.

If the lounge is the only place you can set up in, then try and schedule your working time so your not interrupted by the TV viewing times. Or wear some head phones or ear plugs and possibly set up a dividing screen in the room.


A Comfortable Chair

Although it may seem obvious to have a comfortable chair to work from, if your present, previous or at any time in your working career you haven’t worked in an office environment, then this might not be obvious.

Being sat in a chair for any prolonged period when it isn’t comfortable can be torture and if you’re trying to concentrate on building out a website or taking notes from a tutorial video, then your concentration level will drop.

Having a chair that swivels, is height adjustable, has a five point wheel base and has tilt adjustment is perfect. However, if there is no budget for one of these then this is where you will need to engage your brain into coming up with a solution.

Some second hand stores offer ex office chairs for a fraction of the cost and are normally in relative good condition.

If there are no funds at all then using the most comfortable chair that you have in your property can be a solution. You can also attach some cushions or pillows to the seat and/or back until funds to upgrade become available.


A Desk

When it comes to desks then the basic points that you are looking for are a large enough surface to work from plus it has to be able to fit into the designated office area.

If you can afford or already have one, then drawers for stationary and/or files is perfect. If funds are short then a table that’s height works with the chair that you have and into the office space then this will suffice until a replacement can be afforded.

A computer

This is one piece of equipment that you will have to have as there will be no way of building a website without one.

The perfect type of computer will be one that is fairly up to date, but if funds are low then anyone to get started with will do for the interim.



This is the perfect set up.



This does exactly the same job at a fraction of the cost.




The Office Environment


By having an office environment to work in helps to reduce the amount of distraction that you come up against when working at home. By removing the distractions you will have greater focus on the tasks at hand and will also be able to take in a lot more of the required training information in a shorter period of time.

Also mentioned earlier the use of a privacy screen can be very beneficial to you, especially if your office area happens to be in the lounge where other members of the family sit to watch TV.

This is something a friend of mine actually used in her apartment, as the only area to work and study was her lounge.

She went to a local second hand shop, where she spotted an old dressing screen which she purchased for £10. She then brought it home and stood it up around her office area and with the aid of some ear phones managed to block out the sound and picture of the TV.


Sometimes simplicity alludes us and with a little imagination we can turn a non office area into something that we feel quite comfortable within.


All the best





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